Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Site Launched :

I've launched a new site

Its main feature is that it adds intellisense to C# code snippets in the browser as well as allowing you to embed them everywhere.  Here is an example. It also offers some social features and a nice UI for browsing and posting snippets


  1. Hey! I love, but the UI could use a little work:

    - when I posted a snippet, I was looking for the information I entered. The emboldened text above the snippet don't really stand out well, so I think it would be better to have the label (like Title, or Date) in bold, and have the actual content on a new line
    - the information at the bottom is all jumbled... there's no clear flow. Use YouTube's video sharing area as an example and learn from their workflow

  2. At this point I won’t promise anything. The project is not dead, let’s call it a transition period. It’s not just word play SAP SCM Tutorial